Thursday, 11 February 2010

The reason I cry at 2 in the morning

Society now has changed - dramatically! People are going mad - every single day, there will always be cases of rapes, pedhophiles and worse yet, the disposals of little babies. By disposal, I don't mean abortion which unfotunately happens by accident. But, the action in which after the baby is born, he/she gets thrown away. I know, reading is bad enough - try witnessing it!

I was browsing through when I found this post: Adakah ibu dan bapa bayi ini manusia? Truly I was disturbed. The thoughts that went through my mind was constantly "How did this baby die?", "I hope her death was not painful" and only Allah knows how hard it is for me to just sit in front of a computer and not being able to help the helpless victims of today's mad society.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying the whole society is bad, but I believe we need to do something to end this mad 'trend'. One step could be to tighten the media in the country. Pornography needs to be totally out of our country!

Another one could be that the parents need to be more strict! If your son or daughter is having an illegitimate child with someone, don't let them throw the baby away! It's not the baby's fault for crying out loud! The shame in this world is not as bad as the torture in the hereafter. So, do not allow your son/ daughter to throw away a baby only because you're afraid people may talk about you and your family. In the end, they're not the one deciding whether you go to heaven or hell. That's all up to your deeds, so don't add more sins! Fine, your children's crossed the line - but don't make it worse by getting rid of the innocent baby. The baby's done nothing wrong! Just make sure your children's repent and will not do it ever again. Better yet, get them married and make them take the responsibility full on as a parent to the child.

Another way in which parents should be strict, don't give your child everyting he/she wants! They need to learn how to earn it as well! If you keep on giving them what they want, how are they supposed to learn the hard truth of life? Any parent would want the best for their children, but that doesn't mean they need to give in every single time the child cries. Otherwise, they'll just walk over you and treat you like a slave - so stop being so soft! In this world, you can't be too soft and you can't be too harsh! There is always a limit to something - make sure you know these limits and teach your children while you're at it!

Be jealous! That's what my mum said her mum told her. When you're raising a child, you need to be jealous. Not jealous as in envy, but 'be jealous' as in showing concern about what he/ she does because your child is still learning between what's right and what's wrong! They need your help to know the difference, not their friends!

Let's stop this madness.
How would you feel if you were thrown away?


  1. nape sanggup buang??? ramai yg nk bb....

  2. bb? wallahu'alam..org2 skang..ble nk lpaskan nafsu bole..nk brtanggungjwab ats action..p tarik diri..

  3. omg! kejamnyer..
    perangai mengalahkan haiwan...

  4. yep..huhu..T.T
    org skang mmg dh gle kan?? huhu..T.T

  5. be honest,ni lah kebejatan moral kalangan kita sekarang ni....sdah buat maksiat, then throw's insane...macam xda value jah bdak 2..ish33..sekurang2nyer threat them as human not an animal!
    p/s: sorry for being too emotional today...

  6. yep2..

    no probs 4 bein emotional..i think we ALL understand..huhu..T.T (xcept org2 yg mmbuang r kan..ntah ape yg dorg rse) :S

  7. damn..kalau tak nak pun, hantar la kat JKM, ramai orang yang nak anak, tapi tak dapat..gua rasa nak tempeleng je orang tu laju-laju

  8. btul3..org2 cmni xleh brfikir ke pe an? huhu..T.T



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